A full range of soluble & solid plant nutrition products for all your fertigation, hydroponic, soil applied & foliar fertiliser needs.

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A comprehensive range of functional ingredients, vitamins, minerals, dietary fibres, flavours and fragrances & processing aids for the manufacturing of pet food & stock feeds.

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Specialty products with unique formulations to improve water movement into & through the soil, inhibit erosion, control dust & clean water prior to use in irrigation systems.

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Products for ag-chem & fertilizer formulators. Including a range of solvents & co-solvents, surfactants, dispersants, defoamers, emulsifiers, adjuvants, EDTA complexing agents & dyes.

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For Animals

CW Pacific Specialties is a stockist supplier of quality raw material ingredients for the Australian stock feed and pet food industries. Our products cover a diverse range of dietary fibres, natural food protection ingredients and food / feed phosphates. All products are independently tested to ensure they meet the highest quality standards

Our chelated trace elements (calcium, cobalt, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc) are manufactured to the highest standards by BASF. Librel chelates are based on well-established chemistry which provides highly stable and bioavailable micronutrient sources.

CW Pacific Specialties has a full range of soluble and insoluble fibres. This includes cellulose fibres and specialty fibres from soy, oat, wheat, sugar beet, potato, rice, bamboo, apple and corn. In addition we have Beta Glucans derived from barely, oat and yeast.

Solka-Floc® 2PFA is powdered cellulose specially developed for the pet food industry. This can be used as a source of fibre and for reducing calories in wet, dry and semi-moist pet products. It is also extensively used in anti-hair ball product for cats. It is composed of 100% purified cellulose.

Our feed phosphates are high quality minerals suitable for all types of stock feed and pet food production. They provide highly digestible macro minerals and include calcium phosphates, TKPP, STPP, MAP, MKP and potassium orthophosphates – to mention just a few.

The Biogard range of natural preservatives are based on cultured dextrose and increase the shelf life of petfood and baked and dried pet treats by inhibiting mould growth. They are also widely used as flavour enhancers.

BioNaturals natural food protection ingredients are naturally derived, fermentation based products and offers a clean label alternative to chemical preservatives. Typically used in premium wet and dry pet food products.

Bloat in ruminant livestock can be a serious problem, which if left untreated can swiftly result in the death of the affected animal. Our range of specialty de-foaming surfactants have been used in bloat control products for many years. They are used in water trough treatments, feed supplements and anti-bloat blocks.

A wide range of flavour and fragrances are available from our sister company, Elle Bee Exports, based in Brisbane. Elle Bee can manufacture just about any flavour or fragrance that you require.

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For Animals

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