A full range of soluble & solid plant nutrition products for all your fertigation, hydroponic, soil applied & foliar fertiliser needs.

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A comprehensive range of functional ingredients, vitamins, minerals, dietary fibres, flavours and fragrances & processing aids for the manufacturing of pet food & stock feeds.

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Specialty products with unique formulations to improve water movement into & through the soil, inhibit erosion, control dust & clean water prior to use in irrigation systems.

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Products for ag-chem & fertilizer formulators. Including a range of solvents & co-solvents, surfactants, dispersants, defoamers, emulsifiers, adjuvants, EDTA complexing agents & dyes.

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For Plants

CW Pacific Specialties has an extensive range of fertilizer products designed to meet the nutrition needs of a wide range of crops. We specialise in;

  • chelated trace elements for hydroponics, foliar application, fertigation and soil application
  • water soluble crystalline and granular products for hydroponics, foliar application, fertigation and soil application

Our range includes the micro-granular Librel and Libfer range of true chelated trace elements from BASF (Calcium, Cobalt, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc and BMX). Librel and Libfer products are based on well-established chemistry which provides highly stable and bioavailable micronutrient sources. Stability leads to rapid crop absorption and optimum biological performance. Our chelates are proven in trials and by over twenty years’ successful field use throughout the world.

All Librel / Libfer products dissolve rapidly and completely and offer unrivalled compatibility with other crop care products – proven chelate chemistry that guarantees outstanding performance & effectiveness.

LibFEED Solubles are quality water soluble crystalline and granular secondary plant nutrients. Our product range includes; potassium nitrate, potassium sulphate, calcium nitrate, ammonium sulphate, magnesium sulphate, MAP (tech) and MKP (tech).

LibFEED Liquids is our range of speciality fertilizer products ready to use. Products include LibFEED Multipurpose – a great NPK and trace element all-rounder and LibFEED EDTA Zinc 9.0%.

WaterSORB is our range of super absorbent water crystals. When incorporated into soil or potting mixes WaterSORB absorbs and retains large volumes of water and nutrients. The unique chemistry of WaterSORB allows for the water and nutrients held to be are easily released – they are therefore available to the plant. All of the products in the WaterSORB range are biodegradable.

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For Plants

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