A full range of soluble & solid plant nutrition products for all your fertigation, hydroponic, soil applied & foliar fertiliser needs.

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A comprehensive range of functional ingredients, vitamins, minerals, dietary fibres, flavours and fragrances & processing aids for the manufacturing of pet food & stock feeds.

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Specialty products with unique formulations to improve water movement into & through the soil, inhibit erosion, control dust & clean water prior to use in irrigation systems.

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Products for ag-chem & fertilizer formulators. Including a range of solvents & co-solvents, surfactants, dispersants, defoamers, emulsifiers, adjuvants, EDTA complexing agents & dyes.

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For Water and Soil

SoilPAM is a long chain organic co-polymer polyacrylamide or PAM. SoilPAM has a very high molecular weight, anionic charge and its high levels of water solubility make it an excellent soil conditioner. It has been specifically formulated to minimize soil erosion and improve water infiltration in irrigated crops by stabilising the soil structure. The dramatically improved surface soil structure allows for better water infiltration, whilst also decreasing soil crusting, which in turn improves crop emergence rates. SoilPAM is biodegradable and breaks-down naturally in the soil to form carbon dioxide, water and ammonium-N under normal field conditions.

Terra-Control® is our biodegradable soil binder and dust suppressant. TerraCONTROL is used as a tackifier and binder in most hydroseeding fibre mulch systems, either alone or in combination with other lubricants or soil ameliorants. TerraCONTROL is designed to penetrate and bind most ‘open’ soil types and sand, by producing a three dimensional ‘honeycomb’ matrix throughout the topsoil layer.

TerraCONTROL is used in a wide range of applications and can be readily tailored to specific purposes – from topsoil consolidation and erosion control, hydroseeding, dust control, sand dune stabilisation and as a tackifier in long fibre hydromulch systems.

ClearWATER is a long chain organic polymer formulated to reduce the level of suspended solids in irrigation water prior to sue. Having clean irrigation water ensures that blocked nozzles are minimised (in some cases eliminated completely) and that you gain maximum benefit from all water run nutrition and ag-chem products.

SoilWETTER 62 is our premium soil-wetting surfactant. SoilWETTER 62 is based on established surfactant chemistry (PO/EO block copolymer); it improves water penetration by reducing the water surface tension. SoilWETTER 62 works exceptionally well as a diluted product for direct application or incorporated into soil / potting mixes.pecialty products with unique formulations to improve water movement into and through the soil, inhibit erosion, control dust and to clean water prior to use in irrigation systems.

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