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TerraCONTROL Hydroseeding and Mulching

TerraCONTROL Hydroseeding and Mulching
The Product:

Terra-Control® is our biodegradable soil binder and dust suppressant. TerraCONTROL is used as a tackifier and binder in most hydroseeding fibre mulch systems, either alone or in combination with other lubricants or soil ameliorants. TerraCONTROL is designed to penetrate and bind most ‘open’ soil types and sand, by producing a three dimensional ‘honeycomb’ matrix throughout the topsoil layer.

TerraCONTROL is used in a wide range of applications and can be readily tailored to specific purposes – from topsoil consolidation and erosion control, hydroseeding, dust control, sand dune stabilisation and as a tackifier in long fibre hydromulch systems.

Further Information:

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